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Amore Ambro, LLC. is an independent investment advisory firm in Jericho, New York, offering a personalized and comprehensive approach to helping clients nationwide, sustain and increase wealth. At Amore Ambro, LLC., we are proud to provide a combination of expertise, integrity and client care that we believe cannot be matched.
"Unconditional love is the most powerful force in the universe.” – Warren Buffett


When choosing advisors, wise investors look beyond sales pitches for the highest levels of expertise. Our Founder, Louis Ambrosio passed the rigorous Certification in Financial Planning in 1987. An early adopter of asset allocation software in the 1990’s while employed at one of the most prestigious NY Money Center Banks, found its benefits but also its limitations. After over 30 years serving retail clients, Louis Ambrosio has developed a unique perspective experiencing what works for retail clients and understands the pitfalls of how investors fail.


As an independent Registered Advisor firm, we answer to our clients, rather than a parent company with its own agenda. As a fiduciary, we are legally bound to put clients' interests first in any decision we make or recommendation we provide. We pride ourselves on always doing the right thing for those we serve.

Client Care

Amore Ambro, LLC., clients receive the personal attention that only a boutique advisory firm can provide. They understand that we're available to help--not just with investing but with virtually any financial matter they face. Our commitment is to serve as your partner and advocate, dedicated to your overall financial success.

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