Investment Management

At Amore Ambro, LLC,. we believe our distinctive investing approach and our extraordinary level of expertise help to set us apart.

Steady Income, Smart Growth

The success of any financial plan hinges on investment results: Too little growth—or too much volatility—and you can fall short of your most important goals.

Amore Ambro's investment approach is designed to ensure consistent growth with low volatility. Through our growth-and-income style, we aim to capture total returns that help you beat inflation and reach your objectives.

Our investments of choice include dividend-paying stocks, carefully selected bonds. We seek to buy investments in America’s most iconic business franchises; history shows that such investments provide superior results over time.

Limited Taxes

Limiting the tax liabilities arising from your investments can help you reach your goals more quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our decades of experience working closely with CPA and tax law firms, we provide clients with sound tax-management strategies.

Expertise Matters

Financial advisors have widely different levels of expertise. We believe that clients who entrust their wealth to an advisor deserve to work with highly experienced experts. Portfolio manager Louis Ambrosio has been advising clients since 1985 so he has experienced the 1987 market crash, the 2000 dot-com bust, and the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Mr. Ambrosio is a diligent student of economic history and analyst of current geopolitical events from his unique perspective having been formally trained in media production. Long before the term “fake news” was coined, Mr. Ambrosio understood how news media can spin events that often can confuse and distract investors from their long term goals. Mr. Ambrosio is skilled in dissecting complex events and distilling them down and communicating to his clients so they can remain calm to pursue their long term investment goals.

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