Frequently Asked Questions

What separates Amore Ambro, LLC., from other financial advisors?

It's easy to become a financial advisor, but few have the level of experience that we have accumulated. Many advisors eschew individual stocks in favor or managed or unmanaged ETF’s and mutual funds. We revel in the analysis of America’s top companies and select only the most liquid and enduring companies for client portfolios. We have a strict buy and sell discipline so we avoid value traps while still investing in companies that have a history of paying and increasing their dividends. We also believe it is critical to grow your capital, so we will also invest in America’s leading technology companies as appropriate.

We also stand apart from most of our counterparts because we are an independent, fee-based firm. As such, we firmly believe that we're better able to focus solely on our clients' best interests.

What is a fee-based financial advisor?

Fee-based advisors receive fees for their service, rather than basing their business on sales commissions. The model helps to limit or eliminate conflicts of interest. Amore Ambro, LLC., uses the fee-based model as a means of aligning our interests with those of our clients.

What does being a fiduciary mean?

Within the financial advisor industry there are two standards of client care. The most common is the “suitability” standard, which requires that advisors' recommendations be “suitable” to clients’ needs. At Amore Ambro, LLC., we adhere to the far more rigorous “fiduciary standard." As fiduciaries, we are required to act in our clients’ best interests at all times, and all of our advice must be conflict-of-interest-free. If a potential conflict does arise, we must notify clients immediately and fully explain the conflict.

What is your investment approach?

We are a growth-and-income investment boutique, with over 30 years of experience that we believe gives our clients an advantage. We personally invest our clients’ portfolios, with the aim of ensuring consistent growth and low volatility over time.

What fee do you charge?

Our fee varies based on each client’s asset level and the scope of work; please contact us for details.

How do I transfer my assets to you from another advisor?

Just provide us with a copy of a current statement. We’ll set up a new account at Charles Schwab and have your assets transferred into it.

Where will my assets be held?

Client assets are held with a third-party custodian, Charles Schwab. Amore Ambro LLC., has no direct access to your assets. You will be able to view your accounts online via the Schwab portal or through the Schwab App on your smartphone. In addition, Amore Ambro LLC., offers performance reports and portfolio aggregation from an independent third party data curator.

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